Tips On Coating And Decorating Doors

Have you planned to fix new doors in your home? Then you must aware about the coating, and maintaining your new door. You must understand the right methods to treat your door so that you can maximize its performance. The lifetime of the doors will be longer when you apply correct treatment methods.

Do you have any special size door required for your home? Then made to measure door is the perfect door option where the craftsman working the door manufacturing company will create door as your requirement. It is applicable to all internal, external and fire door needs.
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You never allow your new doors stand on the outside wall since the cold in the outside wall can make your new door bow or twist. Several materials like wood, oak, pine, etc are used to make internal and external doors. You should not keep new doors in a place where new plasterwork has been done within past two to three weeks.
Any type of moisture or lack of moisture like rain, humidity, condensation affects the well-being of the door greatly particularly styles that contain solid timber panels. You never use the interior doors for external purpose since water absorption of interior and exterior doors are different.

When decorating your door, you must make sure to avoid any forms of water decorating products on veneered doors. Some manufacturers offer both internal and external doors over-veneered so that the doors have good quality of finish and better stability.

You must ensure to follow the below tips when decorating any door type and frames such as solid timber, veneered etc.

If the door has painted finish, you want to use a primer, and then give two layers of undercoat. Again you want to finish it with at least two top coats. Use only a solvent based on an oil based paint. You want to make sure whether you sand the doors slightly down in between each and every coat.

For doors with stain finish, use oil-based or solvent-based stain and remember that is should be Microporous. Like painting, you want to sand the doors down when coating each time. You don’t use water based, wax or Danish oil for decorating in veneers or solid doors. If you have any doubt when decorating, you must stop the process and check with the manufacturers where you purchased the doors.

Before fitting the door, you must give preference to the finishing you need, get the support of the door manufacturer if required. You must remember that don’t use polyurethane-based items, varnish, Danish, on both Internal and External doors, frames, bespoke doors and frames, solid timber doors etc. You can pick the brands that provide protection against sun and ultraviolet rays bleaching-out of effect. Polyurethane-based products are only recommended on ply or veneers door only. Thus varnish type is also the right option for interior solid timber doors.

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